High Quality Image Noise Removal Filter

The filter reduces the noise in the image without blurring the edges. The results are much better than can be achieved by using the popular adaptive median or smoothing filters. It is useful for removing JPEG compression artifacts.

For more information see readme.txt
To try it yourself download a demo filter.zip
The full source code is available under the terms of GNU General Public License.

Here are some examples how the filter performed on the presented images. The filter radiuses are given below each image. Edge strength in all cases was 76.


Filtered with Rluma = 3, RCr = 8, RCb = 8


Zoomed original

Zoomed filtered



Filtered with Rluma = 6, RCr = 6, RCb = 6



Filtered with Rluma = 2, RCr = 6, RCb = 18



Filtered with Rluma = 3, RCr = 10, RCb = 14

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